SearchBlox Docker Image

SearchBlox can run within a Docker container.

Steps to run SearchBlox within Docker container

  1. Install docker desktop on your system
  2. Once the installation is complete launch the docker desktop application.
  3. Click on the Images tab on the left side and then select Remote Repositories and select searchblox
  1. Click on pull on the right hand side corresponding to the searchblox/searchblox image.
  2. Once the image is pulled it will show up in the Local tab.
  1. Run the docker image using the following command in command prompt
    docker run -p 8443:8443 -p 8444:8444 -p 8446:8446 searchblox/searchblox:v10.0
  1. Open the SearchBlox Admin console with the following link once SearchBlox starts
  1. Open Connectors UI with the following link

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