Administrator Features



Web Admin Console

An easy-to-use intuitive console to manage all aspects of the search application.

Collection Indexing

On-demand, scheduled and single document indexing is supported.

Crawler Settings

Multiple collection features to control the indexing behaviour of SearchBlox using Relevance settings, Keyword-in-Context Settings, HTML Parser Settings, Scanner Settings, Basic Authentication, Proxy Setup, Form Authentication.

Data Fields

Privileged user can add custom meta fields for collections indexing.

API Explorer

SearchBlox supports Swagger UI tool to try out the REST API requests.

Sitemap Indexing

Sitemap documents can be indexed from regular sitemap pages and even from Robots.txt.

Selective HTML indexing

Using <noindex> </noindex> or <!--stopindex—> <!--startindex–> or <!--googleoff: all--> <!--googleon: all--> tags.

Selective LastModified Date

Documents can be indexed with Default Header Date, Custom Lastmodified Date and Customer Header Date.


Logged in user can access monitoring reports and Elasticsearch indices status report through SearchBlox console.

Look and Feel

Search results are customizable and can also be delivered as JSON response.
Search results are also customizable in custom plugins available in SearchBlox

Collections & Featured Results Management

Privileged user can manage all type of SearchBlox collections and Featured Results.

Manage Search

Privileged SearchBlox user can configure the search settings, upload new custom UI templates, perform search relevancy and can generate search integration code.

Search Security

Privileged User can configure security for search authentication and authorization using SearchBlox Realm or LDAP/AD Realm or Okta. And also Sensitive user roles to access encrypted search content.


Privileged user can manage the SearchBlox users(Admin Role, Manager Role and Business Role) and change/reset the passwords of SearchBlox Realm or SAML users.

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time reporting with daily, weekly, monthly and custom date range searches, suggestions and zero match queries along with clicks. All these reports can be exported in CSV format.

Insights & Analysis

Based on search history, a privileged user can analyze the Insights report for Top & Low Performing Queries, URLs for Optimization, Best Performing URLs and Trends and further make search page improvements accordingly.


Privileged users can perform actions such as License update, Configuration import/export/revert/reset, Cluster setup and SSO setup.

SearchAI Features

Privileged SearchBlox user can configure PreText and SmartSuggest endpoints.


Privileged SearchBlox users can create/manage SmartFAQs.

Query Caching

Caching will enhance search performance for frequently searched queries.

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