Managing Individual ChatBots

Click on a specific chatbot within the ChatBots page. Here, you'll find several tabs listed below that allow you to customize its behaviour and analyze its performance.

Preview your ChatBot

Test your chatbot's functionality by having a sample conversation with it in the Preview tab. Interact with it as a user would to see how it responds based on its training data.

Settings option in Chatbot

The settings tab allows you to configure various aspects of the chatbot:
User and Bot Label
Customize the names displayed for the user and the chatbot during conversations (e.g., "Customer" and "HelpBot").
Initial Message
Defines the opening message, where the chatbot greets users in the beginning of the conversation.
Save Detailed Logs
Enable this option to record debug information about chat responses and indexing activities. This can be helpful for troubleshooting any chatbot behavioural issues.
Remember to click Save to apply your changes and see them reflected in the Preview tab.

Sources Tab in Chatbot

This tab displays a list of collections the chatbot uses. You can click on each collection to access its settings.
The Sources tab also includes a Retrain button. Clicking this button initiates the process of retraining your chatbot with the most up-to-date information from the selected collections.

Schedule a Chatbot Training Session

The Schedule tab within SearchAI ChatBot empowers you to automate the process of keeping your chatbot's knowledge base up to date.
When you navigate to the Schedule tab on selected ChatBot. You will have to two dropdown option where you can set the following actions:
Set Retraining Frequency
Choose how often you want your chatbot to be automatically retrained (daily, weekly, or monthly).
Set Start Date/Time
Specify the date and time to automatically begin the retraining process.

Embed Chatbot

Once you're satisfied with the chatbot's performance, you can integrate it directly into the website or application using the Embed tab.

  • This tab provides the HTML code you'll need to place within your web pages to set up the chatbot. Place this code between the header and footer section of your HTML page to setup ChatBot.
  • You can use the View Widget option to preview on how the chatbot look when embedded.

View and Edit Conversations

The Conversations tab serves as a comprehensive log of user interactions with your chatbot. Here you can analyze conversations and make edits to refine them. To know more about Conversations click here.