Marketing Manager Features



Embed Search

Easy to configure and generate the search integration code through Admin console. You can integrate the Embed Search code within your website/CMS pages.

Search Authorization

SearchBlox can allow the users to perform search but restrict the users to access sensitive content of the documents.

Featured Results

The "Featured Results" feature brings sponsored-search-like functionality in the Search Page

Suggest Search

Corrects the mis-spelled search term based on the content indexed and shows the results for corrected search term.


AutoSuggest helps users find what they are looking for without having to type in the whole term, product name, or key phrases saving user's time and also increasing the relevance ranking of the result they are looking for.

Suggestions can be shown from:
Document Title/Content/Past Queries
SmartSuggest Endpoint if configured
Top Query Suggestions

Relevancy Tuning Templates

Relevance Tuning Templates provide default relevance tuning values for different types of content like websites, e-commerce, faqs, etc. You can use these templates as a starting point to customize relevance for your own content.


Boost intended query search for specific documents using Manual Ranking.


Generate and maintain FAQs with zero effort. Keep users on your site with a unified search experience.

Search Level Boosting

Perform field level boosting using boosting operator (^) in the search page.

Analytics & Insights

Easy to use/download the search click reports and analyze the search performance through Insights.

Core UI Templates

Supports 7 types of core search UI templates with different displays/views. Core UI Templates

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