Search User Features

Multi-Platform SearchSeamlessly searches across HTTP(S),
File Systems, Databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and several data sources),
MongoDB, CSV, PST, AEM content repositories and other datasources custom content.
Collection, Document & Field Level EncryptionSearchBlox can encrypt sensitive content or document fields.
Core Search UI Templates7 types of core search templates (Web, Ecommerce, Database, Data Explorer, Tabbed, Email and PreText) which provides text, number, date range and date histogram-based filtered search results.

Core Search UI Templates
Voice SearchSearchBlox voice search allows the end user to use a voice command to search the results.
Featured ResultsSearchBlox "Featured Result" is a sponsored-search-like result in the search page.
Filter By SearchRestricts search results to a particular filter value.
Sort By SearchUser can arrange search results in ascending or descending order based on sorting filters Date, Relevance, MRank and Alphabetic.
Date Range SearchRestricts search results to a particular date range.
Auto Suggest Offers suggestions from document title, document content and past queries.
SmartSuggest We support smart suggestions using the AI model.
SmartFAQs We support SmartFAQs using the AI model.
Top Queries/Trending QueriesOffers suggestions based on the overall search history.
Auto-Correct or Suggest SearchOffers spelling suggestions using words from indexed content.
Keyword-in-Context DisplaySearch results are listed with areas of content where the keyword occurs.
Stemming SearchStemming considers all the inflected words of the root form within the search page.
Synonym MappingAvailable for each collection. Allows users to find relevant documents related to a search term given.
Related QueriesBased on specific meta field, user will be shown with search result suggestions in the Search Page.
More Like This SearchOffers to find similar search results based on a single search result.
Customized Search ResultsSearch results numbers can be customized based on data displayed, display order, filters, sorting, views etc
Multiple Data Type SearchesSupports Boolean AND, OR and NOT searches. fuzzy, wildcard and fielded searches.
Term HighlightingQuery terms are highlighted in the document title and description.
Email ViewerView Outlook email messages in Searchblox's web-based viewer.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)Digitized documents and images can be indexed and searched.
Query CachingCaching will enhance search performance for frequently searched queries.
Custom FacetsCustom meta fields can be added as search filters to enhance the user's search experience by further narrowing down the search results.
pcodeThe user's unique pcode will be maintained by SearchBlox to track the user's journey throughout the session.
DynamicBindingSearchBlox provides the ability for user to search their authorized data with DynamicBinding, for more details please contact SearchBlox support.