Developer Features




Simple, platform-independent API to add and delete custom content.
Create, configure and index HTTP collection
Create and configure featured results
View search results via Search API
AutoSuggest API, Top Queries API and Related Queries API based on search history.

Search Integration

Search Results Plugin Integration or Embed Search Code Integration

Data Ingestion

Integration with 329+ Data Sources and
Crawlers to Index SPA (Single Page Application)


  • Data Encryption
  • Secure Search Integration using LDAP/AD, Okta
  • Admin Console SAML SSO Integration

Voice Search

Voice Search using Google Speech-to-Text

AEM & SearchBlox AEM Package

AEM instance integration to index data from repositories and use of AEM agent for continuous data indexing. On-demand data indexing using APIs and Search Integration within AEM site pages.

SearchAI Features

PreText, SmartSuggest, Answers, Personalization and ChatBot Integration.

Custom Header - X-Correlation-ID

We can make use of custom header 'X-Correlation-ID' and integrate it with REST APIs to track searches. Traching ID will get logged in .../webapps/ROOT/logs/query.log

Content API

SearchBlox REST API to provide the document URL and content based on the query input.

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