Guidelines for SharePoint Online PreRequisites

APP Creation

  • Login to
  • Go to Azure Active Directory.
  • Click on App Registration.
  • Click on New Registration -> Provide a unique name and other fields based on your requirement and click on Register.
  • After Registration, you can find the client id, tenant id, and you have to create a client secret and, copy the value of that, and create a redirect URI.

APP Permissions

  • Click on API Permissions.
  • Click on Add Permission and select Microsoft Graph.
  • Select Application Permissions.
  • Give Read permissions to the following: Directory, Files, and Sites.
  • Click Add Permission button to add the permissions.
    Note: Some Permissions require Admin Consent.



  • If you are not able to Get the Site Lists on Site Tab, Try the following steps:
  • Edit the Application permissions by Read/Write Full Permissions and additionally can check with AccessReview, Application, CrossTenantUserProfileSharing and Policy permissions too.
  • Select Delegated Permissions and provide Read/Write Full Permissions to AccessReview, Calender, ExternalItems, Files, Mail, Offline_access, Sites and User.
  • After APP creation, select APP and click on the Overview page to get the values Tenant ID and Client ID.
  • For Client Secret, click on Tenant ID, Client Credentials and create a secret and copy the value of generated secret.
  • For Redirect URI, click on Redirect URI and create one.

  • click on Authorization tab and select Access tokens and ID tokens and Save.