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Featured Results

Featured results bring sponsored-search-like functionality to SearchBlox. This feature allows links to be highlighted on the search results page when the user searches for specific words, and all of the functionality to create, manage and deliver Featured Results is accessible from within the SearchBlox Admin Console. One major advantage is the ability to automatically extract the keywords directly from the highlighted link. Administrators will benefit in the time saved by not having to manually enter keywords for each highlighted link that needs to be set up. In addition to text-based featured results, SearchBlox also supports graphic-based featured results similar to banner ads.

Types of Featured Ads

Featured ads can be text-based or graphic based.
Text based featured ads have only the text content in the featured result.
Graphic based featured ads have images in the featured result.

Creating of Featured Ads

Users can create a featured result to be displayed in search results by following the steps below:

  1. After logging in to the Admin Console, click the Results tab.
  2. In the Results section, select the Featured Results tab.
  3. Give the values required for featured result creation.
  4. Click Save to activate the featured results.

Featured result with start and end date (expiry date):

Featured result without expiry date:

Featured result with Graphic URL:

Settings in Featured Ads

While creating featured ads the user needs to specify details about the ad. There are many fields which determine the function of the ads. The details of the settings that define the ad is given below



Specifies whether the featured result has to be displayed in text or graphic format.


Specifies the title to be displayed in the featured result.


Specifies the description to be displayed in the featured result.


URL link of the featured result.

Keyword Content

Specifies whether keywords are explicitly specified or to be fetched from the URL.


Keywords specified explicitly by the user for featured ads display.

Keywords URL

URL of the webpage from which the keywords will be considered for featured ads display.

Keywords phrase

If the keywords needs to be considered as phrase for the featured ad display then this option has to be checked

Use Start/End date

Yes/no radio buttons determine whether to use start/end date or not.

Start date

Date from which the featured result has to appear in search results.

Expiry date

Date until which the featured result has to appear in the search results.

No of times to display

Number of times the feature has to be displayed in the search results.


The order or priority in which the feature needs to be displayed among other search results.

Graphic URL

The URL of the image to be displayed in the ad.

Keywords for Featured Ad Display

Keywords entered in the keywords field determine the display of featured ads in the search results. Follow these instructions to enter keywords:

  • Keywords are to be separated by a comma or space.
  • If a URL is given as a keyword URL, the keywords from that webpage will be considered for the featured ad display.
  • Featured ads do not support synonyms, so if the user needs featured ads to appear for email, e-mail, e mail, then all of the possible keywords have to be listed in the keywords field.
  • When using a keyword URL for a webpage, both spaces and commas are used as separators. Individual words from phrases will result in featured ads. For example, if the meta keywords for a webpage are
    <meta name="keywords" content="business consulting, application development, application management/>
  • featured ads would appear for "business" or "consulting", etc.
  • It is best to have keywords separated by space or comma. Using a new line for each keyword can cause problems when exporting ads.

Featured Ad dashboard

The following activities can be performed while creating featured results: clear form, save, save and activate, preview result, and cancel.
Once activated, the user can view the activated featured results by clicking the Featured Results tab in the Results section.

The number of featured ads to be displayed in the search results can be selected using the drop down in the left-hand corner above the dashboard. The values range in multiples of 5, between 5 and 20.
Ads can be previewed and deactivated from the dashboard. By clicking preview, the result will appear as follows:

Importing and Exporting of Featured Ads

Featured ads can be imported and exported using the export and import buttons in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard. The ads created can be exported using the export option. Bulk ads can be uploaded and activated using the import option.

After clicking upload, the new file has to be uploaded as in the screenshot below:

The ads uploaded must be in CSV format, similar to file in the link below:

Viewing Featured Ads in Search Results

When any of the featured results keywords are entered as a search term, the featured result appears in the results based on priority.

Featured ads in Regular Search

To view featured ad in regular search, you need to select featured_results_top.xsl in Menu -> Search -> Settings

On selecting the xsl while searching in regular search the ads would appear as below:

Featured ads in Faceted Search

GSA Keymatch vs Featured Ads

In GSA a KeyMatch associates a specific term with a particular result, to direct users to a result that is especially relevant but that might not appear at the top of the results page. In SearchBlox Featured Ads are similar to this keymatch functionality, where we can make certain search result links to appear on top so that the user gets to view them first. Please note that we can create Featured ads only for HTTP links. The steps to create featured ads are elaborated above. Let us compare the terminologies in keymatch vs featured ads

Featured Ad Alternatives


keywords option in featured ads
eg: Abraham, Lincoln
where searching for Abraham or Lincoln will result in featured ad


Keyword as phrase option in featured ads
eg:"Abraham Lincoln," "President Abraham Lincoln,"

Searching for the phrase Abraham Lincoln only results in ads. Individual words in phrase do not give featured ads

As in GSA, one can import and export featured ads. The ads file should be in CSV format with the pipe delimiter. We suggest to export the same file and follow the same format to populate ads in the file and then upload in SearchBlox.

Featured Results