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Amazon S3 Collection

You can create an Amazon S3 collection by following the steps below.

  • After logging in to the Admin Console, click on the Add Collection button. The Add Collection screen will be displayed.
  • Enter a unique name for your collection (for example, AmazonS3).
  • Click on the Amazon S3 collection radio button.
  • Click Add to create the collection.


The Settings sub-tab holds settings for Amazon S3 and tunable parameters for the search. Amazon S3 setting values must be set explicitly by the user for Amazon S3 collections. SearchBlox also comes pre-configured with parameters when a new collection is created.


Access Key

Access key from Amazon S3 security credentials.

Secret Key

Security key from Amazon S3 security credentials.


Optional name.


Amazon S3 bucket to index.

Path Prefix

Path prefix to index in this bucket eg: Work/. (This is optional. If specified, it should be an existing path with the trailing /.)

Update Rate

Update Rate: Every 15 minutes (15 60 1000 = 900000 ms).


File types to be included. eg: .pdf, .jpg.


File types to be excluded. eg: *.zip.

Keyword-in-Context Display

The keyword-in-context returns search results with the description displayed from content areas where the search term occurs.


Boost search terms for the collection by setting a value greater than 1 (maximum value 9999).


When stemming is enabled, inflected words are reduced to root form. For example, "running", "runs", and "ran" are the inflected form of "run".

Spelling Suggestions

When enabled, a spelling index is created at the end of the indexing process.


Do not log transactions to S3 buckets since those log files will also be indexed, increasing bandwidth usage. If logging is needed, then disallow the log files by excluding them (using extensions) in Collection Settings.

Indexing and Other Operations

The following operations can be performed in AmazonS3 collection:


Starts the indexer for the selected collection.


Clears the current index for the selected collection.

  • Indexer activity is controlled from the Index sub-tab in the collection. The current status of an indexer for a particular collection is indicated.
  • In Amazon S3 collections, indexing and clear operations can be performed only from index sub-tab.
  • Scheduling cannot be performed in AmazonS3, however, you can specify the update rate in the collection settings.

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Amazon S3 Collection

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