The best part is that SearchAI Chatbot uses your existing content and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build your conversational model. So you’ll be up and running — and better serving your customers — in no time.

ChatBot can be accessed from SearchBlox Admin Console > SearchAI > ChatBot.



  • ChatBot server URL, which is up and running is required. Example :
  • Stop SearchBlox service, go to SearchBloxServer installation directory, go to C:\SearchBloxServer\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\chatbot-config.yml.
  • Update the attribute value chat-bot-server: "" with ChatBot server URL.
  • Example : chat-bot-server: ""
  • Restart SearchBlox service.
  • If Prerequisites are not followed, the below error can be seen on ChatBot screen.
  • Once the URL is updated, you can go to SearchBlox Admin Console > SearchAI > ChatBot.
  • ChatBot can be created by clicking on Create a new ChatBot or by clicking "+" icon as shown in below screenshot.
  • Provide the ChatBot Name and select the Collections on which the ChatBot needs to be trained.
  • You can select upto 3 collections.
  • The documents in the selected Collections are used to train the ChatBot.
  • Then click on Create.
  • Once created, you can see the Manage ChatBot page as shown below.
Create a New ChatBotNew ChatBot can be created using Create a New ChatBot or “+” icon.
Refresh ChatBotRefreshing can be done by clicking the Refresh icon after performing any actions
Retrain ChatBotRetrain action button can be used to Retrain the ChatBot.
Delete ChatBotDelete action button can be used to delete the ChatBot.
Last trainedLast trained column shows the last trained/retrained time of the ChatBot
Last usedLast used column shows the time when the ChatBot was last interacted with.

Once a ChatBot is created, you have the following tabs:

  • Preview
  • Settings
  • Sources
  • Conversations
  • Embed


  • Preview tab, allows you to preview conversations with the ChatBot.


  • Settings Tab allows you to configure few options.
  • You can change the User and Bot Label, as well as the Initial Message that is displayed by the ChatBot when a conversation begins.
  • Save the settings by clicking Save button, to see the changes on Preview Tab.


  • In Sources Tab , the Collections that were initially used to train the ChatBot, can be seen.
  • You can also find an option to Retrain the ChatBot from this tab.


  • Conversations tab displays the Conversations and metrics related to conversations.
  • You can view the Total Conversations, Total Messages, Total UpVotes , Total DownVotes and the conversations history.


  • Embed Tab is used to Integrate ready-to-use ChatBot within your website or application. Place this HTML code between the header and footer section of your HTML page to setup ChatBot.
  • View widget will show the Preview of the ChatBot.