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License Key

SearchBlox let’s you index and search 10,000 documents/URLs within a single collection. Request a license key to create more than one collection and for unlimited access to all of SearchBlox’s features.

To find the IP address required for the license key, go to Admin tab > License section within the Admin console.

SearchBlox Restart

You must restart SearchBlox after uploading a license key.

After startup, the IP address will be logged to the status.log file under the /SearchBloxServer/webapps/searchblox/logs or C:\SearchBloxServer\webapps\searchblox\logs

If the IP address displayed is null or, then delete the /etc/hosts file on the server and restart in order for SearchBlox to pick up the correct IP address.

The license key will be an XML file that must be uploaded through the Admin -> License tab without any changes to the file content or file extension (as shown in the screenshot).

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License Key

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