SearchAI SmartSuggest( uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to provide relevant search suggestions based on your website's content. It scans through all the data on your website, selects the most appropriate suggestions, ranks them, and then provides them in real-time as the user types their query. This enables the users to find the content they're looking for more efficiently.

SmartSuggest Endpoint Creation


Manage SmartSuggest through Admin Console

We will provide a CSV file called SmartSuggest. The file includes a list of terms and the frequency of their occurrence across all documents. You can upload this file directly to the console to add SmartSuggest.

SmartSuggest NameName of the SmartSuggest.
SmartSuggest FileUpload the CSV file to generate the suggestions.
  • Create SmartSuggest and upload the CSV file as shown below:
  • You can delete configured SmartSuggest from the list:



SmartSuggest can be configured through Plugin or custom UI facet.js file to make it work with all collections. Refer smartAutoSuggestSettings Fields in facets.js