Version 10.6

[NEW] - JAVA 17 Upgrade
[NEW] - Opensearch 2.11.1 Upgrade
[NEW] - Clone Collection Settings
[NEW] - Follow sitemaps in Dynamic Auto Collection
[NEW] - Added ChatBot retrain scheduler
[NEW] - ChatBot Augmented Response
[NEW] - Added new Special metadata parser(Crawler) for web collections
[FIXED] - Updated settings on console for Dynamic Auto Collection (previously done by config.xml)
[FIXED] - Support for SSO – Microsoft Azure (Entra)
[FIXED] - Fix for High resource utilization on Cluster setup

Version 10.5.1

Security Fixes:

Version 10.5

[NEW] - ChatBot
[NEW] - ChatBot Analytics
[NEW] - Google Drive Collection
[NEW] - Dynamic Security Binding for Search Results
[NEW] - Incremental Crawling for SharePoint Online Collection
[Fixed] - Bug Fixes for SharePoint Online Collection
[Fixed] - Bug Fixes for Auto Dynamic Crawler
[Fixed] - Security Fixes

Version 10.4

[New] - SharePoint Online Collection
[New] - Dynamic Auto Collection
[New] - Confluence Collection
[New] - Semantic Lens Integration
[Fixed] - “Did you mean” Suggestions
[Fixed] - Console user interface alignments
[Fixed] - Search sorting configuration changes
[Fixed] - Update metadata for PDF document type
[Fixed] - Retrieving special characters from description/content with sb_special_analyzer
[Fixed] - Enable GZIP compression

Version 10.3

[New] - SearchAI SmartFAQs
[New] - API to check collection Index Status
[New] - Multi sorting functionality
[New] - API to add/update collection Synonyms
[Fixed] - Spelling Suggestions when Stemming is enabled
[Fixed] - Proxy Password Decryption
[Fixed] - Log Rotation
[Fixed] - Featured Results export


Version 10.2

[New] - Introducing SearchAI SmartFAQs feature to enhance user’s search experience


Version 10.1

What's New

Version 10.0.1

  • Improvements to PreText to add AI-based ML fields: ml_title, ml_description, ml_topic, ml_sentimentLabel, ml_sentimentScore, ml_entity_org, ml_entity_product, ml_entity_person, ml_entity_loc, ml_entity_gpe
  • Pretext UI to preview ML fields
  • Fixed: Log4J security vulnerability
  • Fixed: User Expiry Password Reset Issue
  • Fixed: Duplicate Key Issue with File Collection
  • Enhancement: Document Relevance ‘Score’ Display in the Search Response
  • Enhancement: Accessibility Improvements in Search Pages
  • Enhancement: Improvements to Connectors Framework

Version 10.0

What’s New & Improved

Version 9.2.3