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CPU Cores

4 cores minimum
8 or 16 cores required for greater than 5 collections or 25,000 documents


8GB minimum
16GB or 32GB for large number of collections or documents

Java Version


Java Memory Requirements

XMS and XMX values are set to 4GB by default
Increase to 8GB or 16GB for larger document volume or number of collections

Operating System

Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Installation Tuning

Recommended CPU/RAM requirements based on Documents/URLs

SearchBlox Requires
RAM Available on Server
Processing Power

0 - 25,000



4 cores

25,000 - 100,000



8 cores

100,000 - 500,000



8 cores

500,000 - 1 million



16 cores

1 million +

Cluster Setup

Cluster Setup

Cluster Setup

CPU and RAM requirements are a recommendation only. Customer specific needs may vary based on size of documents, refresh frequency and types of search/visualization needs.

To update the memory allocation when running using the startSearchBlox command or service in Windows, edit the start.ini file within the SearchBloxServer folder.


Change 4g to 8g when you have at least a 16GB server;


or change to 16g when you have at least a 32GB server.


Disk Space Requirements

The server's disk space should be at least twice the size of the data that is to be indexed. That is if 1 GB data is to be indexed then the disk space should be at least 2GB.

Browsers Supported by SearchBlox

Please note that SearchBlox admin dashboard would work well in the following browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

SearchBlox search pages both regular and faceted are supported in most browsers, listing the browsers supported below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer