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Operators in Search

Operator DescriptionOperatorExample
Wildcard Operator* - Asterisk Operator
? - Question Operator
Fuzzy Search Operator~ - Tilde Operatorroam~
Proximity~10 - Tilde with numeric Operators“searchblox j2ee”~10
Exact Search Operator"" - Double Quotes operator“Old is gold"
OR OperatorOR“searchblox server” OR elasticsearch
AND OperatorANDsearchblox AND j2ee
NOT OperatorNOT“searchblox server” NOT j2ee
Plus Operator+ - Plus Operator+searchblox j2ee
Prohibit Operator- -Minus Operator"searchblox server” -j2ee
Fielded Search Operator: -Colon Operatorkeywords:news
Escape Operator\test\~

Fielded Search

titleTitle of the documenttitle: test
keywordsKeywords from the documentkeywords: search
descriptionDescription of the documentdescription: "This is test"
urlURL of the documenturl: ""
contentcontent of the documentcontent: searchblox content
contenttypeFile type of the documentcontenttype: pdf
meta datacustom fields index from html, files or databasesauthor: Stephan
Groupingcombination of SearchBlox and custom fields can be provided in fielded searchtitle: test AND author: Stephen AND keywords:search

+travel +world +(title:news)

((world AND travel) OR keywords:news) AND cnn

Sample Search Queries

Search QueryFind the documents with
searchblox testIf default=OR
contain the words searchblox or test.
If default=AND
contain the words searchblox or test.
enterprise (contenttype:word OR contenttype:excel OR contenttype:msg)contain the word enterprise and have the file types as word, excel, or msg.
"Enterprise Search"contain the exact expression Enterprise Search.
Enterprise AND Searchcontain the words Enterprise and Search.
("Enterprise" OR "Search") AND "SearchBlox"contain the word Enterprise or Search and the word SearchBlox.
SearchBlox NOT testcontain the word SearchBlox but not the word test.
(Wellness^2.0 OR help) AND learningcontain Wellness or help and learning. The occurrence of Wellness is twice as strong rated as other terms.
+Enterprise +Searchcontain the words Enterprise and Search.
Enterprise Search +SearchBloxcontain the word Enterprise or Search and the word SearchBlox.
+(Enterprise Search) +SearchBloxcontain either Enterprise or Search and SearchBlox
SearchBlox -testcontain the word SearchBlox but not the word test.

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