SearchBlox AEM Package

SearchBlox AEM Package

SearchBlox AEM Package will avoid the hurdle of re-indexing the whole bunch of collection documents again and updates the required content with indexing and search. SearchBlox allows the AEM collection to be in real-time sync with ongoing site pages updates like changing the content, creating a new site page, deleting or unpublishing the existing site page. To integrate SearchBlox AEM package, we need to deploy the package, configure the SearchBlox properties.

Deploy SearchBlox AEM Package and Verify Installation

  1. Download the SearchBlox AEM Package
  2. Click Hammer Icon → Deployment → Packages
  1. Click on Upload Package
  1. Once the Upload is Complete, click on Install.

Configure SearchBlox AEM Package

  1. Navigate to Config Manager → http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr
  2. Search for SearchBlox Configuration in the browser.
  1. Click SearchBlox Configuration
  1. Configure the properties listed below,

    • SearchBlox Url → SearchBlox Instance Url for index documents
    • Collection Name → AEM Collection for index documents
    • API Key → SearchBlox API key
    • Private Key → SB-PKey for secure communication
  2. Once the Configuration is complete, Click on Save button to save the SearchBlox Configuration.

Uninstall SearchBlox AEM Package

  1. Navigate to packages, Click Hammer Icon → Deployment → Packages
  1. Select searchblox-aem.ui apps package → More → Uninstall
  1. Once the Uninstallation is complete, click on More and select Delete Option.

Once the SearchBlox AEM Package installation and collection setup is done, collection gets added with a new document whenever there is a new site page published.

The same way whenever a site page gets unpublished or deleted from the content repositiory, SearchBlox AEM Package will remove the document from SearchBlox AEM collection.

SearchBlox AEM Package will also update meta content or site page content with SearchBlox AEM Collection.

You can find SearchBlox AEM Package status log under Authour deployedlogs folder with the name 'searchblox-aem-status.log.'



You should follow the following order to remove SearchBlox AEM Package

  • Uninstall Package
  • Delete the Package

SearchBlox AEM Package will still be running on the Author Instance if the package is deleted before the Uninstallation.

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