Searchblox provides optimized search with the added personalization factor. In compliance with GDPR & CCPA using anonymized personal data and zero personal identifiable information, Searchblox can help you drive your traffic. It delivers more relevant content even to a new customer who searches on your website with just a couple of clicks using the existing customer browsing data and user’s site usage. With the help of AI driven personalization, you can engage your customers, and convert them into shoppers. On the whole, you can increase the average order value thereby maximizing the profitability factor as a whole.


Steps to setup Personalization

  1. Ensure that you are using Searchblox version 9.2.3 or above if you want to incorporate personalization on your website. In case you are using a lower version for your search, please ensure that you upgrade to a higher version to take advantage of the additional features.

  2. Now that you have upgraded to 9.2.3 or a higher version, please do ensure to wait for roughly a month so that the search data gets populated and you would be directed to get better recommendations. Larger the search data finer will be our recommendations.

  3. Searchblox helps you to channelize your search in a better manner, by helping you serve your customers better by providing them more personalized choices and by keeping them engaged without any extra effort.


  • We will get Status Code 500, in case of an internal server error.
  • We will get Status Code 524, when the server is down.

During both these scenarios please ensure to contact our customer support for further help.

Status CodeStatus Message
500Internal Server Error
524Time out error


Searchblox helps you to customize your search according to the customer’s preferences with the least effort helping you achieve the objective of higher customer satisfaction, engagement, and profitability.