Private LLM Installation

Understanding Private LLM

Searchblox’s PrivateLLMs are designed with a strong emphasis on data privacy and security. They often run on your own infrastructure - keeping your data in-house and giving you more control over your AI model behaviour.
This guide will walk you through installing SearchAI Private LLM on your Linux server.


Server Requirements:

Ensure your server meets the following requirements:

Operating SystemWorking Linux server, either RedHat/CentOS or Ubuntu.
ResourcesAdequate CPU, memory, and disk space to run the LLM model. Consult the SearchBlox documentation for specific recommendations based on your expected usage.
Private LLM PackageContact SearchBlox Support Team for this package. It contains the core components of your chatbot. This is the central brain of all AI operations.
Opensearch CredentialsOpensearch URL: https://<ipaddress>:9200
Username : xxxxx
Password : xxxx



Contact SearchBlox Support Team and place a request for the Private LLM zip file or to find Opensearch credentials.

Click on the following links to get started with installation process of Private LLM based on linux server: