The SearchBlox Admin dashboard supports five types of users.

  • SuperAdmin
  • SBAdmin
  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Business User

Super Admin

  • The Super Admin is the user who initially logs in after installation.
  • The Super Admin has complete rights for all actions.
  • There can be only one Super Admin.
  • The Super Admin can create other users.
  • The Super Admin can search across all collections.

SBAdmin User

  • SBAdmin User has privileges similar to that of Super Admin user.
  • There can be multiple SBAdmin Users
  • SBAdmin user has to be created by Super Admin however Super Admin is the default user of SearchBlox.
  • SBAdmin can change passwords and create users similar to that of Super Admin
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Admin User

  • Admins can perform all activities except user management (addition of users in the Admin Dashboard).
  • There can be more than one Admin.
  • Admins can search all collections created by Admins and other users.
  • Admins cannot create or edit new users.

Manager User

  • A manager has access only to the collections created by the User Group.
  • A manager can belong to more than one user group.
  • A manager can access other menu items on the Admin dashboard, or access can be restricted to "search only".
  • Managers do not have access to the User tab.
  • In 9.2 version it is possible to encrypt content and meta fields. This content can be viewed only by Manager users who have a sensitive option enabled in User Management.
  • Learn more about Collection Encryption
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Business User

  • Business users only have access to Search Settings and Analytics.
  • Business users do not have access to collections.
  • There can be multiple Business users.
  • Business users can create and update Featured Results.
  • User access may be restricted using this access level.

Changing Super Admin Password

You can change your password in the Users page. After logging in for the first time, change the default password by clicking on the Admin page. The password is encrypted and stored securely.


User Roles and Groups

  • User Group can be created by SuperAdmin or SBAdmin while creating Manager Users.
  • A user group has to be created while creating a Manager user, later the same group can be assigned while creating other Manager users
  • After creating a Manager user, it is not possible to change the group assigned.