Monitoring SearchBlox with Monit

Monit can be configured for monitoring SearchBlox servers on Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and RedHat.

Install Monit now.

What can Monit do?

Monit can be configured to

  • check every 2 Minutes.
  • log into Syslog.
  • send emails through locally-installed mail servers.
  • send alerts to specific email addresses.
  • check load (alert if the 5 min average is above the number of CPUs).
  • alert if memory usage is more than 85%.
  • check SearchBlox process and restart if not running.
  • alert if SearchBlox uses more than 75% CPU.
  • alert if SearchBlox's memory usage exceeds 75%.
  • restart SearchBlox if there is no "Basic Search" string as result to query http://localhost/searchblox/search.jsp.
  • alert if the disk where SearchBlox is installed (/opt/searchblox) is less than 25% free.
  • add additional config values you can easily uncomment and enable/adjust.


SearchBlox must be installed into /opt/searchblox.

Install the SearchBlox Monit script

  1. Download the script ( and move/copy it to your SearchBlox server.
  2. Login to linux shell and change to root user:
    sudo su -
  3. Change to the directory where you placed the script.
  4. Change permissions for the script
    chmod 0755
  5. Run the following command
    yum install bc
  6. Run the script with your the specific email information.
    ./ -e [email protected] -v
  7. This script will install Monit, configure settings and start monitoring your SearchBlox installation.

What’s Next