Azure File Connector

Configuring SearchBlox

Before using Azure File Connector, install SearchBlox successfully and create a Custom Collection.


Getting Azure keys for Connector

Login to Azure and get the Storage account name and Access keys (key1) for Azure File storage based on the storage that you are to index in SearchBlox


Configuring Azure File Connector

  • All the files related to the connector should be available in the same folder that is, all files should be extracted into the same folder.
  • Create a data folder on your drive where the files would be temporarily stored and mention in yml files.

Contact [email protected] to request the download link for SearchBlox Azure File connector. In Windows, the connector would be installed in the C drive.

Steps to Configure and Run the Azure File Connector

  • Download the SearchBlox Azure File connector. Extract the downloaded zip to a folder.
  • Unzip the archive under *C:*
  • Configure the azureFileConnector.yml file which includes Azure File properties and SearchBlox properties as listed in the following:
data-directoryData Folder where the data needs to be stored. Make sure it has write permission.
api-keySearchBlox API Key. API key would be available in Admin Dashboard Menu -> Admin ->Licence page
colnameThe name of the custom collection in SearchBlox.
urlSearchBlox URL
azurefileurlFile URL for Azure
fileaccesskeyAccess key for Azure file storage
filestorageaccountAzure storage account name
exclude-formatsFile formats to be excluded
max-folder-sizeMaximum size of static folder after which it should be sweeped in MB.
servlet url & delete-api-url:Make sure that the port number is right. If your SearchBlox runs in 8080 port the URLs should be right by default.
  • The content details of azureFileConnector.yml are provided here:
#Data Folder where the data needs to be stored Make sure it has write permission
data-directory: C:\CONNECTORS\azure\data
#SearchBlox API Key
api-key: C6D418861BAD66A46A7CC96B70CEADF9
#The name of the collection
colname: azurefile
#SearchBlox URL
url: http://localhost:8080/searchblox/rest/v2/api/
#azure url
#azure storage account access key
fileaccesskey: iQ4Bnbe1tL/L7zlQEZOJUrLDkdKsDKLDKKDFJD/?kdkdkjNI4TKG0f1J0IO8MR6Q==
#azure storage account name
filestorageaccount: azureconnector
#The Excluded formats wont be indexed
exclude-formats: [.pem,.key,.gif,.lib,.pdb,.dll,.sh,.jpg]
#searchblox servlet url for auto delete functionality
servlet-url: http://localhost:8080/searchblox/servlet/SearchServlet
#maximum size of static folder aftre which it should be sweeped in MB
max-folder-size: 2
delete-api-url: http://localhost:8080/searchblox/api/rest/docdelete
  • Start running the azureFileConnector.exe file for Windows