Synonyms help find relevant documents related to the search term, even if the search term is not available directly in the documents. For example, while searching for documents using the term “global”, results with the terms “world” and “international” (synonyms) could match the criteria and will be listed in the search results.

Configuring Synonyms

  • Synonyms can be added under the collection settings.
  • Go to Collection -> Synonyms tab. Clear the existing content and add the synonyms and click Save.
  • The collection has to be indexed for the synonyms to take effect. If the collection has already been previously indexed, then clear and re-index.
  • Synonyms are provided as comma-separated words.
  • For example: world, global, international.
  • When the user searches for "world", "global", "international", documents containing any of these words will appear in search results.
  • If the user searches "international", the results will include documents with "world", "global", and "international".


Important Information

  • After updating synonyms in a collection, clear and re-index the collection for the changes to take effect.

Improving Search using Synonyms

  • We have generated a list of words which can be given as synonyms to improve search.
  • Please give these as synonyms in your Collection Settings > Synonyms section to improve your search in addition to your custom synonyms as applicable.
  • The text file with the list of synonyms can be downloaded in the following link:
    Click HERE to download the synonyms list.

List of Synonyms for reference

1, one
10, ten
100, hundred
1000, thousand
1000000, million
1000000000, billion
1000000000000, trillion
1000000000000th, trillionth
1000000000th, billionth
1000000th, millionth
1000th, thousandth
100th, hundredth
10th, tenth
11, eleven, xi
11th, eleventh
12, dozen, twelve, xii
12th, twelfth, twelth
13, thirteen, xiii
13th, thirteenth
14, fourteen, xiv
14th, fourteenth
15, fifteen, xv
15th, fifteenth
16, sixteen, xvi
17, seventeen, xvii
17th, seventeenth
18, eighteen, xviii
18th, eighteent
19, nineteen, xix
19th, nineteenth
1st, first
2, ii, two
20, twenty, xx
20th, twentieth
2nd, second
3, iii, three
30, thirty, xxx
30th, thirtieth
3rd, third
4, four, iv
40, forty, xl
40th, fortieth
4th, fourth
5, five
50, fifty
50th, fiftieth
5th, fifth
6, six, vi
60, sixty
60th, sixtieth
6th, sixth
7, seven, vii
70, seventy
70th, seventieth
7th, seventh
8, eight, viii
80, eighty
80th, eightieth
8th, eighth, eigth
9, ix, nine
90, ninety
90th, ninetieth
9th, ninth
aapl, apple
accredit, accreditation, accredited, accrediting
accupuncture, acupuncture, acupunture
acoustic, acoustical, acoustically
addenda, addendum
address, addresses, adress, adresses
adolescence, adolescent, teen, teenage, teenager
adopt, adopted, adopting
adoption, adoptive
affordable, afordable
afghan, afghanestan, afghanistan
african, afro
ageing, aging
agricultural, agriculture
airplane, plane
alchol, alcohol, alcoholic, alcoholically
aliaen, alien
alibaba, baba
alligator, gator
alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus
amazon, amzn
analyses, analysis
antenna, antennae
antitheses, antithesis
apollo, apolo, appollo
appendices, appendix, appendixes
apointment, appoinment, appoitment, appointment
arch, arches
ariz, arizona, az
armor, armour
asd => autism
asian, asiatic, oriental
assn, association
astronaught, astronaut
aug, august
autistic, autism, autismo
avian => bird
award, awarded, awarding
babesia, babesiosis
bacilli, bacillus
backpack, backpacked, backpacker, backpacking
bacteria, bacterium
baidu, bidu
bee, bees, honeybee, honeybees
benefit, benifit
bicycle, bike
biz, business
bomb, bombed, bomber, bombing
buletin, bulletin, bullitin
bully, bullying
burger, hamburger
burma, burmese, myanmar
business, businesses
calif, california
cacao, chocolate, cocoa
cacti, cactus
calendar, calender
camp, camped, camping
canine, dog, doggy
career, carrer
cat, feline
cell, cellular
center, centre
cervical, cervix
chart, charted, charting
child, children
chimp, chimpanzee, chimpanzees
chlamydia, chlamydial, chlamidia, clamidia, clamydia
chronic, chronically
chronolgy, chronology, chron, chronological, chronologically
crohn, chrone, chrons
clothes, clothing
code, coding
comm, communication
commisary, commissary
confidential, confidentiality, confidentially
consolidate, consolidated, consolidating, consolidation, consolidator
constitution, constitutional
contract, contracted, contracting
coon, raccoon
corporate, corporation
correctional, corrections
coxsackie, coxsackievirus
crush, crushable, crushed, crusher, crushing
cryptosporidium, cryptosporidiosis
cyberbully, cyberbullying
cybr, cyberark
cyclospora, cyclosporiasis
dad, daddy, father
decon, decontaminate, decontaminated, decontaminating, decontamination
defered, deferred, defferd, defferred
deport, deportable, deportation, deported, deporting
deposit, deposited, depositing
diabetes, diabetic
difficle, difficile
diptheria, diphtheria
disabilty, disability
divorce, divorced, divorcing
docter, doctor
dorm, dormitory
earhquake, earthqake, earthquake, eathquake
eaton, etn
ecstacy, ecstasy, mdma
ehrlichia, ehrlichial, ehrlichiosis
eligibility, eligible, eligibly
employee, employees
employement, employment
enrol, enroll, enrolled, enrolling, enrollment, enrolment
enterobiasis, enterobius, pinworm
errata, erratum
estimate, estimated, estimating, estimation, estimator
ethic, ethical, ethically
exam, examination
exempt, exempted, exemption
expedite, expedited, expediting
facsimile, fax, faxed, faxing
fafsa, fasfa
fasciitis, fascitis
feb, february
fee, fees
feet, foot
feral, wild
ffel, ffelp
file, filing
fish, fished, fishes, fishing
fl, fla, florida
flood, flooding
flu, influenza, influenzae
forcast, forecast, forecastable, forecasted, forecasting
fort, ft
frac, frack, fracking, fracturing, hydrofrac, hydrofrack, hydrofracking, hydrofracturing
fridge, refrig, refrigerator
fy00, fy2000
fy01, fy2001
fy02, fy2002
fy03, fy2003
fy04, fy2004
fy05, fy2005
fy06, fy2006
fy07, fy2007
fy08, fy2008
fy09, fy2009
fy10, fy2010
fy11, fy2011
fy12, fy2012
fy13, fy2013
fy14, fy2014
fy15, fy2015
fy16, fy2016
fy17, fy2017
fy18, fy2018
fy19, fy2019
fy20, fy2020
fy2021, fy21
fy2022, fy22
fy2023, fy23
fy2024, fy24
fy2025, fy25
fy2026, fy26
fy2027, fy27
fy2028, fy28
fy2029, fy29
fy2030, fy30
garnish, garnished, garnishing, garnishment
gas, gasoline
geese, goose
gestation, gestational
giardia, giardiasis
glacial, glaciation
glassmaker, glassmaking
goog, googl, google
gonococcal, gonococci, gonococcus, gonorrhea, gonorrhoeae, gonnorhea, gonorhea, gonorrhoea
goverment, government, govt
grantee, grantees
gym, gymnasium
harass, harassed, harasses, harassing, harassment
hack, hacked, hacking
harassment, harrassment
haz, hazard, hazardous
hep, hepatitus, hepatitis
herion, heroin
herpes, herpies
hipaa, hippa
hippo, hippopotamus
hispanic, latina, latino
hog, pig, swine
homosexual, homosexuality
horizon, horrizon
housed, housing
imigration, immigration, immagration
immunization, immunize, immunized, inoculate, vacination, vaccinate, vaccinated, vaccination, vaccine
inaugural, inauguration
incorporate, incorporated, incorporating, incorporation
infopass, inforpass
innovative, innovation, innovating, innovated
isil, isis
jan, january
jul, july
jupitar, jupiter, jupitor, jupter
keplar, kepler, keppler
lab, labratory
launch, launched, launches, launching
legionella, legionellosis, legionnaires
levee, leveed, leveeing, levees
leverage, leveraged, leveraging
lice, louse
licence, license, licensed, licensing, licnese, liscense, liscensed, liscensing, lisence, lisense
lift, lifted, lifting
limo, limousine
locate, located, location, locator
lockjaw, tetanus, tetnus
lottery, lotto
lunch, luncheon
malaria, maleria
man, men
marijuana, marijuanna
math, mathematical, mathematics
mcd, mcdonalds
measels, measeles, measles, rubeola
mecury, mercury, murcury
medicade, medicaid
meeting, mtg
memo, memoranda, memorandum
menengitis, menigitis, meningitis
meth, methamphetamine
mi, mich, michigan
mice, mouse
microcredit, microloan
microsoft, msft
midwife, midwives
mom, mommy, mother
mono, mononucleosis
mucormycosis, mucoromycotina, zygomycota, zygomycosis
ne, nebr, nebraska
netflix, nflx
nike, nke
nov, november
obese, obesely, obeseness, obesity
ocean, oceanic
oct, october
offset, offsetting
op, operation
opossum, possum
opp, opportunity
org, organization, organizational
ova, ovum
ox, oxen
pa, penna, pennsylvania
parachute, parachuted, parachuting
paragonimus, paragonimiasis
parked, parking
paycheck, paystub
payee, payees
pepsi, pepsico
perc, percolation
percent, percentage
pertusis, pertussis
petrol, petroleum
phone, telephone
photo, photograph
phys, physical
planet, planit
pnemonia, pneumonia, pnuemonia
porn, pornography
possess, possessed, possesses, possessing, possession
posted, posting
prescirption, prescription
presidency, presedent, president, presidential
prognoses, prognosis
qtf, quantiferon
questionaire, questionnaire
quiz, quizzes
rattler, rattlesnake
recepient, reciepent, reciepient, recipiant, recipiant, recipient
recyclable, recycle, recycled, recycling
referenda, referendum
refugee, refugees
reg, regulation
rehab, rehabilitation
replace, replaced, replacement, replacment
repossess, repossessed, repossesses, repossessing, repossession
retire, retired, retiring
retiree, retirees
retirement, retirment
rig, rigging
roof, roofing
salmonella, samonella
sandbag, sandbagging
satern, saturn, saturno
sbux, starbucks
scabbies, scabies
scaffold, scaffolded, scaffolding
scarlett, scarlet
schedule, sched, sch
senate => senator
sept, september
sequester, sequestered, sequestration
sexual, sexuality
sherif, sheriff, sherrif
shigella, shigellosis
shoot, shooter, shooting
sífilis, syphilis
sketch, sketches, sketching
ski, skiing
smoke, smoking
smokey, smoky
spec, specification
spiritual, spirituality
spouce, spouse, spoucal, spousal
st, street
stat, statistical, statistics
std, sti
stimuli, stimulus
suicidal, suicidality, suicide
survivor, survior, suvivor
swim, swimming
sync, synchronize
syphillis, syphilis, syphyllis
tabac, tabaco, tabaccco, tabacco, tabacoo, tobac, tobaco, tobaccco, tobacco, tobacoo
tattoo, tattooed, tattooing
tax, taxable, taxation, taxes
taxi, taxicab
tb, tuberculosis
teeth, tooth
television, tv
tesla, tsla
theses, thesis
tornado, tornadoes
tour, touring
training, traning
travel, traveling
trich, trichomoniasis
trichuriasis, trichuris, whipworm
tumeric, turmeric
underwrite, underwriter, underwriting, underwritten, underwrote
ut, utah
vermont, vt
veterinarian, veternarian
voc, vocational
vocab, vocabulary
volcano, volcanoes
volunteer, volunteered, volunteering
vote, voted, voting
vulnerabilies, vulnerabilities
waive, waived, waiver, waiving
walmart, wmt
warrant, warrent
wharf, wharves
wife, wives
wolf, wolves
woman, women
yahoo, yhoo
zip, zipcode