Connectors UI

Connectors UI

  • Contact support@searchblox for Connectors UI utility.
  • Download Connectors UI and save it in local.
  • Start connectorsgui as Administrator.
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8082.
  • By default, Connectors UI will be running in 8082 port.

Create an account

  • Create an account to use Connectors UI.

Create an endpoint

  • After creating an account, click on the "+" icon on the top right to create a new endpoint.
  • Provide the following details to create an endpoint:

    1. Endpoint name should be unique for each account created.
    2. URL, the SearchBlox endpoint (http://localhost:8080/). "localhost" can be replaced with IP address where searchblox is installed.
    3. API key of the above SearchBlox instance
  • Make sure the SearchBlox server is up and running before creating an endpoint. Otherwise, it will throw an error.


Create a new Data Source

  • Click on Setup a new Data Source to index the documents using a connector.
  • Select the type of Data Source with which you want to index the documents from the UI.
  • Provide all mandatory fields and click on Create & Index.
  • Make sure you have a corresponding Custom Collection in the SearchBlox server to index the documents.
  • State will be RUNNING while the connector is indexing the documents.
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  • Once the state changes to DONE, navigate to SearchBlox server and confirm if the documents are indexed in that particular Custom Collection.