KeyMatch vs Featured Results

Google Search Appliance KeyMatch vs SearchBlox Featured Results

In Google Search Appliance (GSA), a KeyMatch associates a specific term with a particular result, to direct users to a result that is especially relevant but that might not appear at the top of the results page. In SearchBlox, Featured Ads are similar to this KeyMatch functionality, where we can make certain search result links appear on top so that users view them first. Please note that Featured Results can only be created for web links (HTTP/HTTPS).

KeyMatch vs. Featured Results terminologies is​ compared here.

GSA KeyMatchFeatured Results Alternatives
KeywordMatchKeywords option in featured ads.
example: Abraham, Lincoln
Searching for Abraham or Lincoln will result in featured ad.
Keyword as phrase option in featured ads
example: "Abraham Lincoln" "President Abraham Lincoln"

Searching for the phrase Abraham Lincoln only results in ads. Individual words in the phrase do not result in featured ads.

As in GSA, you can import and export featured results. The ads file should be in CSV format with the pipe delimiter. Export the same file and follow the same format to populate ads in the file, and then upload in SearchBlox.