End User Features



Multi-Platform Search

Seamlessly searches across HTTP(S),
file systems, databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and several data sources),
MongoDB, CSV and custom content.

Faceted Search

Provides term, number/date range, and date histogram-based faceted search results.


Offers spelling suggestions using words from indexed content.

Synonym Mapping

Available for each collection.

Date Range Search

Restricts search results to a particular date range.

Auto Suggest

Offers suggestions from past queries, content, and title. We also support smart suggestions using the AI model.

Keyword-in-Context Display

Search results are listed with areas of content where the keyword occurs.

Customized Search Results

Search results numbers can be customized based on data displayed, views, sorting, related searches, etc

Multiple Data Type Searches

Supports Boolean AND, OR, and NOT searches, and fuzzy, wildcard, and fielded searches.

Hit Highlighting

Query terms are highlighted in the content title and description.

Email Viewer

View/Export Outlook email messages in Searchblox's web-based viewer.

Multiple plugins

SearchBlox comes up with 4 different types of plugins by default
Custom Search Plugins

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Digitized documents and images can be indexed and searched.

Elasticsearch Kibana Integration

Quickly and easily visualize and analyze big data with Kibana integration.

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