Top Trending

Top Trending Queries

  • This is an on-demand feature. This Feature can be configured with custom UI which can be provided by SearchBlox. Please do contact [email protected] to avail of the feature.
  • To view Top Trending queries, you can enable the feature by going to the facet.js file found in your plugin folder and making the following changes:
    1. Add the line: "showTopQueriesTrending": true
    2. Modify "topQuery" to true.
    3. Provide the API key to your server, which can be found in the Admin tab of your SearchBlox admin console.
    4. Change “limit” to set the number of top trending queries you want to see.
    5. Save the facet.js file
"showTopQueriesTrending": true,
    "topQuery": true,
  • Open the link: https://localhost:8443/<plugin_name>/index.html
  • You can see that the top trending queries are shown in the search box.