SearchBlox Enterprise Search Server is an integrated application incorporating everything you need to run SearchBlox. The Enterprise Search Server package includes the SearchBlox application (v10.2), Jetty Application (v10.0.6), Elasticsearch (v7.10.2) and the Java Runtime Environment(JRE) (v11.0.1). With the SearchBlox Enterprise Search Server, there is no additional software required to deploy SearchBlox.

SearchBlox Enterprise Search Architecture


SearchBlox provides a robust enterprise search architecture for on-premise or cloud deployment.

  • Search data from 329+ data sources with built-in and external connectors
  • REST API for programmatic crawling/indexing/administration/search/security
  • Collection, Document and Field Level Security options with automatic encryption
  • Combine data from 2 data sources with a common ID
  • PreText, SearchAI SmartSuggest, SearchAI Personalization, SearchAI Answers and SearchAI ChatBot Integration
  • JSON output or​ Search UI templates with search filters
  • Web-based with Search User Management using SearchBlox Realm, LDAP/AD and Okta
  • Voice Search for voice-enabled search box
  • Embed Search Anywhere with dynamic layouts for web content and databases
  • Relevance Tuning Templates for fine-tuning and ranking for different use cases or sources of data
  • Real-time Search Analytics and Insights including query performance and URL optimization insights
  • SAML SSO Integration for Admin User Management