Stop-words are defined as non-information-bearing words. Words such as the, and, a, is, and on are on the stop-word list. When indexing and searching, these words will be ignored. Each language has its own stop-word list. In order to save disk space, or to speed up search results and provide a better search relevance, most search engines do not consider these common words.

Stopwords are based on the language used while creating a collection. The files for stopwords are available at <SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>\webapps\ROOT\stopwords

If you need to change or modify the default stopwords, you can edit the XML file using the following steps (using English as an example):

  • Go to <SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>\webapps\ROOT\stopwords\English_en.xml
  • Add or remove stopwords.
  • Stop SearchBlox.
  • Start SearchBlox.
  • Re-index the collection.


Important Note:

Please note that the collection must be cleared and reindexed for the changes to take effect.

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