Confluence Data Source

Configuring SearchBlox

Before using Confluence Data Source, install SearchBlox successfully and create a Custom Collection.



For Windows:

  1. Download into any directory (preferably C drive).
  2. Add a system variable named ZONEINFO, and the value should be the path of zone info zip.
    For example, System variable name ZONEINFO and value= C:\
  3. Save the Environment variable.


  1. Download into /usr.
  2. Go to bash_profile file using the following command:
    vi ~/.bash_profile
  3. Add the following in the file and save:
    export ZONEINFO=/usr/



These steps are mandatory for the connectors to refresh the data. The preceding setup has to be done before running fresh connector.

Configuration details of Confluence Fresh Run Data Source

Accessing Connector UI



In Linux, make sure that necessary permissions have been provided to the folder /opt by using the CHMOD command for writing log files and executing jar files.

usernameUser Name for Confluence account
passwordEncrypted Password for Confluence account
data-directoryData Folder where the data needs to be stored. Make sure it has write permission.
api-keySearchBlox API Key
colnameThe name of the custom collection in SearchBlox.
urlSearchBlox URL
confluenceurlConfluence URL
exclude-formatsFile formats to exclude. Please give the extension of the file with dot operator as in the example
Example: .war,.zip

Note: regex not allowed
exclude-foldersFolders to exclude in confluence. The subpath folder in the confluence URL to be excluded.
example: folder1, folder2

Note: regex not allowed, full folder name has to be provided
max-folder-sizeMaximum size of static folder after which it should be sweeped in MB.
log-file-maxSizeMegabytes after which new file is created.
og-file-maxBackupsNumber of backups after which log file should be deleted.
log-file-maxAgeNumber of days after which log files should be deleted.
Url, servlet url & delete-api-url:Make sure that the port number is right. If your SearchBlox runs in 8443 port the URLs should be right.