Google Analytics Integration

Steps to set up Site Search Tracking through Google Analytics

  1. Go to your analytics account in Google.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account
  3. Sign up in Analytics by clicking Sign up button
  1. On clicking Sign up the user will be asked to create a new account as shown:
  1. Click Get Tracking ID
  1. Accept the terms and conditions
  1. You would be redirected to Admin page of Google Analytics where you need to set the properties for the site that is tracked
  1. Click Admin button in the bottom left to view the properties
  1. You should be able to view the settings and properties of the account, Property and View
  1. Click View Settings of View
  1. At the bottom of the View Settings page, you can find Site Search Settings. Enable the Site search Tracking and provide the Query parameter as query and save the settings
  1. Go back to Admin -> Property Settings -> Tracking Info -> Tracking Code and copy the Global site tag to be embedded in your site's index.html
  1. Specify the snippet in your index.html
  1. Everything is set now. When users access your search page, you can view the analytics on the search term in Google Analytics from Reports -> Behavior -> Site Search -> Overview/Search Terms.
  1. Please make sure to specify the required time interval in top right corner



Kindly note that there would a delay say an hour or so for the search terms to be updated

Additional Pointers

  1. You can export the report as PDF or save the report and view it later. Once you save the report it would be accessible from left menu ->Customization->Saved Reports
  2. You can also view the general traffic to the site in Home page. You can remove parameters that get displayed in your plugin in Admin-> View Properties -> Exclude URL Query Parameters