Featured Results in Search

Viewing Featured Results in Search Results

When any of the featured results keywords are entered as a search term, the featured result appears in the results based on priority.

Featured results in Faceted Search

In the faceted search, the featured results would get displayed on top of the actual search results.


Featured Results in JSON results in New Search API

The featured results are presented in the JSON output in a separate section as shown here.
Sample output for Featured Results in New Search API: https://localhost:8443/rest/v2/api/search?query=test&public=true

"ads" : [ {
    "id" : 1,
    "description" : "test",
    "title" : "test",
    "url" : "https://edition.cnn.com",
    "imageURL" : null
  }, {
    "id" : 2,
    "description" : "This is the description",
    "title" : "This is a test featured result",
    "url" : "https://www.searchblox.com",
    "imageURL" : null
  } ],

You can display the Featured Results at the top of the page. You could also use any field, like Graphic URL for display.