SearchAI SmartSuggest ( is built to provide suggestions for search queries because it understands the context and how they are related to the actual content on your website. This is achieved using several cutting edge machine learning algorithms that comb through all the data on your website, determine the most relevant ones, prepare suggestions, rank them and then work in real-time to determine which suggestion should be provided when the user starts typing.

SmartSuggest Endpoint Creation

  • To signup for a FREE SearchAI SmartSuggest Service subscription, click the following link:

  • You can also signup through SearchBlox Admin console > SearchAI > SmartSuggest screen as shown in the screenshot below:

  • Configure and Run predictions for given SmartSuggest root URL to generate SearchBlox smart suggestions.
  • Copy the SmartSuggest endpoint from Widget screen as shown below:

Manage SmartSuggest through Admin Console

SmartSuggest can be created per collection. So please make sure to create or identify the collection that you want to use it with the SmartSuggest search results. You can create multiple SmartSuggest options with one or more SmartSuggest endpoints.

SmartSuggest EndpointYou can get SmartSuggest endpoint from SearchAI domain once logged in to the account.
SmartSuggest CollectionSelect the created collection to enable it for SmartSuggest search.
  • Create and configure SmartSuggest as shown below:
  • SmartSuggest Search Results with collection specific search view:
  • You can delete configured SmartSuggest from the list:



SmartSuggest can be configured through Plugin or custom UI facet.js file to make it work with all collections. Refer smartAutoSuggestSettings Fields in facets.js