The Admin License page displays the following license information:

  • SearchBlox version
  • Edition
  • Licensed Customer Name
  • API Key
  • Document Limit
  • IP Address, Server Configuration (Operating System, Java version and Memory Available/Free)
  • Support Subscription Information

You can upload your license through the License page.


There are three types of editions based on the license used:

  • Free Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Encryption Edition

Free Edition

  • By default, the free edition support one collection, with indexing limited to 5,000 documents/URLs.

Enterprise Edition

  • The Enterprise edition has no limit to collections created or documents indexed.

Encryption Edition

  • Encryption Edition does not have any limit to collections created or number of documents indexed.
  • The special feature of this edition is the ability to create Encrypted Collections
  • The license page will be the same as the server edition. The difference would be that the encrypt option would be enabled.