SearchBlox Realm

SearchBlox Realm is a secure search based on internal authentication available on SearchBlox. The search page can be accessed by authorized SearchBlox users. It is a secure search mechanism by SearchBlox.


Steps to Enable Secure Search for SearchBlox Realm

Secure Search for SearchBlox realm can be used by enabling ‘Private’ under Security Settings and then select SearchBlox Realm under the ‘Security Types’ as shown below


Configure Users for SearchBlox Realm

By default, there would be one superadmin user. This user can be used to login to Secure search for SearchBlox. For collection-based search and encrypted search, we would recommend creating more users. Please refer to our [Users documentation ](doc: users) documentation to get to know about different users.

Accessing Secure Search for SearchBlox Realm

By accessing the following link or clicking search in the Admin dashboard you would be redirected to secure search login page

By default, you should be able to log in to secure search using Admin credentials. Upon the creation of users, all three types of users will have access to search. Based on the user role or group allocated, the collections would be filtered in results


Perform a secure search using your credentials.


User-Based Search

  • The Admin role has full access to SearchBlox Admin console.
  • The Manager role has limited to no access to SearchBlox Admin console depending upon the
    access level granted by the Admin role. Authorized manager user role can only access Dashboard,
    Collections and Analytics sections of the SearchBlox Admin Console.
  • The Business User role has limited access to SearchBlox Admin console.

Collection-Based Search

  • Collection based search for users is possible through Manager users only.
  • First, multiple manager users have to be created mapped to specific groups
  • The collections created by managers belonging to a group can be accessed and searched by managers of the same group.
  • It is required to plan and create groups and Managers accordingly.
  • Learn more about [Users and Roles](doc: users)

Features of SearchBlox Realm

  • SearchBlox Realm is the internal authentication of SearchBlox. The users created in SearchBlox user management can perform a secure search on enabling SearchBlox Realm
  • Through SearchBlox Realm collection based search is possible for different types of Users
  • Admin users will have access to all collections
  • Manager users will have access to the collection created by self or users belonging to their group
  • If you want a user to have only Search only access, it is possible to special Manager user with search only access.
  • Encrypted content and field search is possible using SearchBlox Realm.
  • Only Manager users with sensitive access enabled can view the encrypted content.
  • Users other than Manager cannot access encrypted content.