XML Data Source is used to index the content of XML files by parsing all the information within the tags available in the XML page/file. Header tags will be considered as meta tags in SearchBlox and body information will be taken as SearchBlox document’s description/content.

# **Configuring SearchBlox**

Before using XML Data Source, install SearchBlox successfully and create a **Custom Collection**.


# **Configuration details of XML Data Source**

. [Accessing Connector UI](🔗)

  • The XML file should have data in the following format for the connector to work that is, the XML file should have the record tags within which the URL to be indexed should be specified along with other meta data content within metadata tags.


In Linux, make sure that necessary permissions have been provided to the folder /opt by using the CHMOD command for writing log files and executing jar files.

Column Title
Column Title
api-keySearchBlox API Key
colnameThe name of the custom collection in SearchBlox.
urlSearchBlox URL
data-directoryData Folder along with filename of XML from where the data needs to be fetched
log-file-maxSizeMegabytes after which new file is created
log-file-maxBackupNumber of backups after which log file should be deleted
log-file-maxAgeNumber of days after which log files should be deleted