# Search Response

All information regarding the processed search query is available in the search response. The search response is available in JSON format for new search API and Search Servlet. You can also get the search response in XML for Search Servlet

## **New Search API JSON Response**

## **Attributes for New Search API Response**

  • This table lists the attributes in general search response for New Search API

startThe hit or match number of the first search result on this page.
hitsThe number of hits or matches for the query.
endThe hit or match number of the last search result on this page.
facetsThe facets enabled in the search URL. The list of facets will be available in the response based on the facet. field parameter provided in the search API URL.
facet.countfacet field size specified in the URL.
facet.nameName of the facet field.
facet.int.fromfrom attribute specific to the date and a numeric field.
facet.int.countThe count on the number of results with the specific value.
facet.int.toto attribute specific to the date and numeric field
facet.int.nameThe value for the facet.
facet.int.filterThis attribute will be true if the value of the facet is specified in the facet filter attribute in the URL.
sortdirIndicates whether the search results are sorted in ascending or descending order. The possible values for this attribute are asc and desc.
suggestSpelling suggestions, if available.
tuningTuning related parameters.
tuning.clickweightDescriptive Tuning parameter value for click count.
tuning.tuneKeyDescriptive tuning parameter value for Keywords.
tuning.tuneURLDescriptive tuning parameter value for URL.
tuning.tuneDocDescriptive tuning parameter value for Lastmodified date.
tuning.tuneDescDescriptive tuning parameter value for Description
tuning.tuneTuning parameter value will be true when tuning is enabled and false otherwise.
tuning.tuneTitleDescriptive tuning parameter value for Title.
tuning.tuneURLWeightDescriptive tuning parameter value for the length of URL.
tune.0Tuning parameter value for Title
tune.1Tuning parameter value for Description.
tune.2Tuning parameter value for Keywords.
tune.3Tuning parameter value for URL.
tune.4Tuning parameter value for lastmodified date.
tune.5Tuning parameter value for URL length.
tune.6Tuning parameter value for click count.
lastPageThis indicates the last possible page number for this set of search results.
highlightWhen the highlight option is enabled in search settings the value would be true, otherwise, it would be false.
enddateIndicates the end date for the date range search.
sortIndicates how the search results are sorted. The possible values for this attribute are relevance, date, and alpha.
startdateIndicates the start date for the date range search.
adsFeatured results for the search query
currentPageThis indicates the current page number for this set of search results.
queryThe search query.
resultThe results element with multiple search results. The attributes of this element are listed in the next table.
filterPreset filter used for the query.
timeTime is taken to return the results of the search query in seconds.
pagesizeThe number of search results per page.
  • This table lists the general attributes within each search result for New Search API

  • These are the general fields.

  • There will also be custom fields that will be indexed based on the meta tags and collection type indexed.

Element / AttributeDescription
noThe order number of the search result.
urlSearch result document URL.
lastmodifiedLast modified date of the document.
indexdateDate the document was indexed.
creationdateDate the document was created.
titleTitle of the document.
alphaThe text for the search result that is used for alphabetical sorting.
keywordsThe keywords contained in the document.
contenttypeThe format of the document.
contextThis is the fragment of the content where the search query appears. This is available only when the documents have been indexed with the Keyword-In-Context feature enabled.
descriptionThe description contained in the document.
click_countCount value which gets incremented based on clicking/viewing of corresponding search result.
languageLanguage setting for the document.
scoreThe relevance score for the document for this query.
highlightIndicates terms that have been highlighted.
sizeDocument size in bytes.
urllenThe length of the url.
colCollection number.
colnameCollection name.
filenameName of file indexed.