**Caddy can be set up to distribute load among the Search servers within the Cluster.**

## Install caddy service

  1. Open a command prompt, go to `C:\SearchBloxServer\caddy` and run the command `caddy-service.exe install`


  1. To start the Caddy service, go `Control Panel > System` and `Security > Administrative Tools > Services` and then `Start` the Caddy Web Server.


## Load Balancer Configuration

  1. Open the file Caddyfile under the path `<SearchBlox-Installation-Directory>/caddy` and add the below sample code configuration as required to setup Load Balancer from Index Server. Provide Search Server1 IP and Search Server2 IP.

  1. Restart caddy service once by saving Caddyfile.

## Uninstall caddy

  1. Go to services and `Stop` the `Caddy webserver`


  1. Open `Command Prompt`, go to `C:\SearchBloxServer\caddy` and run the command `caddy-service.exe uninstall`