# **Configuring SearchBlox**

Before using Confluence Data Source, install SearchBlox successfully and create a **Custom Collection**.


## **Prerequisites**

**For Windows:**

  1. Download zoneinfo.zip into any directory (preferably C drive). [https://sbgoclient.s3.amazonaws.com/confluence/confluence_refresh/zoneinfo.zip](🔗)

  2. Add a system variable named ZONEINFO, and the value should be the path of zone info zip. For example, System variable name ZONEINFO and value= C:\zoneinfo.zip

  3. Save the Environment variable.


  1. Download zoneinfo.zip into /usr. [https://sbgoclient.s3.amazonaws.com/confluence/confluence_refresh/zoneinfo.zip](🔗)

  2. Go to bash_profile file using the following command: vi ~/.bash_profile

  3. Add the following in the file and save: _export ZONEINFO=/usr/zoneinfo.zip _


These steps are mandatory for the connectors to refresh the data. The preceding setup has to be done before running fresh connector.

## **Configuration details of Confluence Fresh Run Data Source**

[Accessing Connector UI](🔗)


In Linux, make sure that necessary permissions have been provided to the folder /opt by using the CHMOD command for writing log files and executing jar files.

Column Title
Column Title
usernameUser Name for Confluence account
passwordEncrypted Password for Confluence account
data-directoryData Folder where the data needs to be stored. Make sure it has write permission.
api-keySearchBlox API Key
colnameThe name of the custom collection in SearchBlox.
urlSearchBlox URL
confluenceurlConfluence URL
exclude-formatsFile formats to exclude. Please give the extension of the file with dot operator as in the example Example: .war,.zip Note: regex not allowed
exclude-foldersFolders to exclude in confluence. The subpath folder in the confluence URL to be excluded. example: folder1, folder2 Note: regex not allowed, full folder name has to be provided
max-folder-sizeMaximum size of static folder after which it should be sweeped in MB.
log-file-maxSizeMegabytes after which new file is created.
og-file-maxBackupsNumber of backups after which log file should be deleted.
log-file-maxAgeNumber of days after which log files should be deleted.
Url, servlet url & delete-api-url:Make sure that the port number is right. If your SearchBlox runs in 8443 port the URLs should be right.