## **Indexed Fields **

  • All the content of the webpage will be stored into a searchable content field of SearchBlox.

  • Other SearchBlox defined meta fields would be the title, keywords, lastmodified, URL and description.

  • All the meta tags on the page will also be indexed as custom fields in SearchBlox.

## **SearchBlox Fields**

  • Following fields are specific to SearchBlox

    • Title

    • Description

    • Keywords

    • URL

    • Lastmodified

    • Size

  • Few more additional fields that could be specific to file such as pdf indexed in WEB collection are

    • author

    • doc_creation_date

    • doc_modification_date

Additional Note:

Please map the additional fields based on your required in mapping.json

## **Custom Meta Fields**

  • Custom fields can be directed used in the filter parameter in Search. `query=test&filter=custom:value`

  • Custom meta fields can be made searchable by mapping it to content in mapping.json file in ../ROOT/WEB-INF folder

  • To use the custom meta field as facet field, the field has to be mapped appropriately in mapping.json file and the collection has to be cleared and reindexed.

Please refer [Custom Fields in Search](🔗) to know more about adding custom fields in search.