You can now develop and use your own custom ML Pipelines for NLP using PreText.

Your custom ML endpoint can be deployed as an API and used for processing text from any collection with SearchBlox PreText :

### **ML Pipeline - JSON Request**

**Request Endpoint Sample** `https://your_ML_server/generate_keywords`

**Request Method** POST

**Request Body Fields in JSON Payload** "content" "request_id" "url" "entity" "collection" "labels"

  • Here, labels are auto-classification ML labels that are entered in the PreText console.

  • All the field values are sent by SearchBlox along with POST requests using a defined ML endpoint.


  • Above is a sample request body sent by SearchBlox using the custom ML endpoint as a JSON post.

### **ML Pipeline - JSON Response**

**Response Body Fields in JSON Format**

"collection" "title" "description" "request_id" "response_time" "topic" "sentimentLabel" "sentimentScore" "entity_org" "entity_product" "entity_person" "entity_loc" "entity_gpe"


  • Above is a sample JSON response provided by the custom ML endpoint as responses to SearchBlox for indexing.

  • When the ML field values are empty, SearchBlox will not add the meta field in the SearchBlox collection search response.