Synonyms help find relevant documents related to the search term, even if the search term is not available directly in the documents. For example, while searching for documents using the term “global”, results with the terms “world” and “international” (synonyms) could match the criteria and will be listed in the search results.

## **Configuring Synonyms**

  • Synonyms can be added under the collection settings.

  • In Manage Collections, click on any created collection, go to Synonyms tab. Clear the existing content and add the synonyms Or click on `Load from Existing Collection` select the Synonymns from the dropdown and click on Save.


SearchBlox v10 supports new feature `Load from Existing Collection`, where we can load Synonymns from the existing collections.

  • The collection has to be indexed for the synonyms to take effect. If the collection has already been previously indexed, then clear and re-index.

  • Synonyms are provided as comma-separated words.

  • For example: world, global, international.

  • When the user searches for "world", "global", "international", documents containing any of these words will appear in search results.

  • If the user searches "international", the results will include documents with "world", "global", and "international".

Important Information

  • After updating synonyms in a collection, **clear and re-index** the collection for the changes to take effect.

### Improving Search using Synonyms

  • We have generated a list of words which can be given as synonyms to improve search.

  • Please give these as synonyms in your Collection Settings > Synonyms section to improve your search in addition to your custom synonyms as applicable.

  • The text file with the list of synonyms can be downloaded in the following link: Click [**HERE**](🔗) to download the synonyms list.

## **List of Synonyms for reference**