## Best Practices in API

  • Try the API request in Postman or API Explorer before using in code

  • To add or delete a document in http or file collection use docadd/docdelete request

  • For updating a document and customize the content/meta tags in custom, HTTP or file collection use updatemetadata API request in REST API

  • Form authentication for HTTP Collection will work with docadd API request only

  • For file collection add API use forward slash only

  • For REST and HTTP API requests, refer to the error code for the cause of the issue

  • Ensure to give working URL in the requests

  • It is mandatory to give meta tag in add JSON API request

  • API key is mandatory in all API requests

  • SB-PKEY header parameter is mandatory in all API requests


  • It is required to use SB-PKEY to attempt all SearchBlox REST API requests.

  • SB-PKEY can be found on Dashboard->Administration->Users under the Private Key tab for each Admin role user.

  • Admin role users will have access to Unique SB-PKEY.