# **Sorting in SearchBlox**

SearchBlox allows you to perform multisort on your search results.

## Default Sort

  • The URL parameter “sort” is default and it’s default value is mrank, found in the Search tab of the dashboard. The default sorting direction is ascending.

  • “Sort” and “sortdir” are always enabled even when not provided in the URL and their default respective values are “mrank” and “asc” unless specified otherwise.

  • "sort1" and "sortdir1" values are "relevance" and "desc" unless specified.

## Multisort

  • SearchBlox supports custom search fields and they could be a text, number or date. In HTTP and Custom Collections, to use custom fields, you have to add them first and give their data types in the mapping.json file.

  • The custom sort parameters are sort1, sort2 and sort3. At any instance, the order of priority in search parameters are sort>sort1>sort2>sort3, “sort” parameter has the highest priority at any time.

## Priority in Sorting

  • The subsequent sort parameters are only considered when the preceding parameters produce the same results.

  • **For example, the sort3 parameter is only considered if and when all the preceding parameters, which are sort, sort1 and sort2, give the same results.**