# Top Trending Queries

  • This is an on-demand feature. This Feature can be configured with custom UI which can be provided by SearchBlox. Please do contact [[email protected]](🔗) to avail of the feature.

  • To view Top Trending queries, you can enable the feature by going to the **facet.js** file found in your plugin folder and making the following changes:

    1. Add the line: `"showTopQueriesTrending": true`

    2. Modify `"topQuery"` to true.

    3. Provide the API key to your server, which can be found in the Admin tab of your SearchBlox admin console.

    4. Change `“limit”` to set the number of top trending queries you want to see.

    5. Save the facet.js file

  • Open the link: https://localhost:8443/<plugin_name>/index.html

  • You can see that the top trending queries are shown in the search box.