The Analytics page contains data related to searches performed. It is required to run the Analytics Server to view the Analytics and reports associated in the Analytics Section.


Important Information:

  • If you want to access Analytics outside the installed server, please open port 8444. Also please ensure port 8444 is free to run Analytics Server.

## **Analytics Dashboard**

The Analytics section of the Admin page provides a report on the searches made so far in Searchblox across all collections. The report is displayed as a dashboard, which can be exported to a CSV or excel file.

## **View Analytics**

In the Analytics Dashboard you can view the following items:

  • Total Queries Count

  • Total Clicks Count

  • Total Autosuggest Click Count

  • Total Zero Queries Click Count

  • Total Queries Graph

  • Total Clicks Graph

  • Top Searches

  • Zero Results

  • Top Clicks

  • Total Featured Results Clicks You can also select the time frame for the reports using the options in the top right corner of the dashboard.



## **Download Query Logs Report**

Using Analytics you can download query logs for

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • This Week

  • Last Week

  • This Month

  • Last Month For the Customizable period also query logs can be downloaded. As shown in the screenshot below.