SearchBlox can run inside a Docker container.

### Steps to run SearchBlox within Docker container

  1. Build docker image using the following command:

**_docker build –t <image-name>:<tag-name> . _**


  1. Run the docker image with the following command:

`docker run –p 8083:8080 <image-name>:<tag-name>`

Here –p is used to expose the port outside; Example- In the above command 8080 is the internal port number and 8083 is the externally accessible port number. Note: To run multiple instances we can change the external port number and run the docker image; Example: `docker run –p 8084:8080 <image-name>:<tag-name>` This will start a different instance on port number 8084


  1. Open the SearchBlox Admin console with the following link once SearchBlox starts http://localhost:8083/searchblox/admin/main.jsp