• Configuration files contain the collection and search results configuration for the SearchBlox installation.

  • Configuration can be exported or imported for SearchBlox during the initial setup or upgrade and can be moved between two different SearchBlox Servers using this function.

  • On uploading configuration file, all the existing data in the collections will be cleared and it is mandatory to reindex all collections.

Important Note

  • When uploading the config file, pre-existing collections will be deleted.

  • Config import will work for licensed versions only.

  • A license key is required to use this feature.


  • When exporting the config file, an XML file named exportconfig.xml will be downloaded. This file can be imported in the current or additional SearchBlox build.


  • After successfully uploading the config files, you will be redirected to the login or license page.

  • After accessing the admin dashboard, the collections uploaded from the config file will be available, and preexisting collections will be deleted.


## **Important Information on Configuration File**

  • After uploading config file, reindex all the collections or schedule them so that the data gets indexed before the search is performed by users.

  • Make a backup of the config file once a month (depending on how often collections are updated) by exporting and saving the current file.

  • This config file can be uploaded when upgrading or reinstalling, or when replicating setup on another server.

  • The password can be reset by removing `signed=" true"` or by replacing the existing encrypted password in `<SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>/webapps/searchblox/WEB-INF/config.xml` with the password in the following line: