# Steps to Customize Error Page in SearchBlox

  1. Place a custom HTML page named as 404.html page under paths `<SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>/webapps/ROOT/` `<SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>/searchblox/webapps/searchblox/`

  2. Stop SearchBlox Server

  3. Edit below files: `<SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>/etc/webdefault.xml` `<SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>/webapps/searchblox/WEB-INF/web.xml`

  4. Give the following custom entries to add for the custom 404 and 403 error codes. This tells the webserver to serve up the custom page 404.html instead of the standard output for 404 and 403 errors.

Sample code snippet from webdefault.xml

Sample code snippet from web.xml

  1. Please start SearchBlox and test the custom 404 page by giving an incorrect URL as SearchBlox endpoint. Please note that there is only one custom HTML page that can be used as a 404 error page.