User query data is stored in elasticsearch with the index name querylogs, it can be viewed by accessing [https://localhost:9200/_cat/indices](🔗).


The data related to queries in the index can be accessed here [https://localhost:9200/querylogs/_search?pretty=true](🔗).


  • You can also filter the data related to queries using [Using SQL for Querylogs and Topviewed](🔗)

## **Viewing Queries in Kibana**

  • Kibana can be used to view and search queries from querylogs index in elasticsearch, and generate reports based on the queries.

  • The index name that has to be added in the Kibana settings is **querylogs**.




You can search and generate reports after adding the querylogs index in Kibana.


Additional Note:

To get to know more about Kibana in SearchBlox please check the link: [Kibana Visualizations](🔗)

## **Deleting or clearing data from querylog index**

Data in the querylog index or the search queries stored in elasticsearch index can be deleted from Kibana using Dev Tools by sending ar clear request to elasticsearch.

  • Go to Kibana and access Dev Tools


  • Give the following POST request to clear all the data from querylogs index.

  • If you want to delete using date range then give the POST request with date range as shown.

The response would be:


## **Viewing Queries From Logs**

The following log files contain the entry data for searches made in SearchBlox by all users.

  • `query.log`: all search queries.

  • `data.log`: indexed data based on user searches. These log files are available here: `<SEARCHBLOX_INSTALLATION_PATH>/webapps/searchblox/logs`

Important Information:

Query logs are deleted that is, log rotation is done once every 14 days.