# **Configuring SearchBlox**

Before using the SharePoint 2013 Connector, install SearchBlox successfully, then create a **Custom Collection**.


# **Configuring SharePoint 2013 Connector**


  • All the files related to the connector should be available in the same folder that is, all files should be extracted into the same folder.

  • Create a data folder on your drive where the files would be temporarily stored and mention in yml files.

Please contact [[email protected]](🔗) to request the download link for SearchBlox SharePoint 2013 connector.

## **Steps to Configure and Run SharePoint 2013 Connector**

In Windows, the files related to connector can be installed in the C:\ drive in Windows

  • Download the SearchBlox Sharepoint 2013 connector. Extract the downloaded zip to a folder.

  • Unzip the archive under *C:\*

  • Configure the sharepoint.yml file which includes Sharepoint properties and SearchBlox properties as listed in the following:

Column Title
Column Title
usernameSharePoint User Name
data-directoryData Folder where the data needs to be stored. Make sure it has write permission.
api-keySearchBlox API Key
colnameThe name of the custom collection in SearchBlox.
urlSearchBlox URL
domainSharePoint domain URL
include-formatsFile formats to include.
exclude-foldersFolders to exclude in Alfresco.
max-folder-sizeMaximum size of static folder after which it should be sweeped in MB.
servlet url & delete-api-url:Make sure that the port number is right. If your SearchBlox runs in 8080 port the URLs should be right.
log-file-maxSize, log-file-maxBackups, log-file-maxAgespecified the size, backup and age limit for log files to be deleted
  • The content details of sharepoint.yml are provided here:

  • Please make sure to give the API key, collection name, data folder path and SharePoint domain and other related properties.

  • Start running the sharepoint_2013.exe file for Windows